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March 7, 2017

Goodnight, my Loves! I hope your week is going great! You know what? Winter is finally over! It’s getting warmer, days are getting longer and people seem happier 🙂 I can literally feel all this energy with my skin. And I can’t get enough of it. Nature is an endless source of inspiration for me these days. Bright colors of flowers, clear blues of the sky would make any colorholic happy. So it’s not surprising that floral prints are slowly but surely taking over my closet.

If one day you bump into me on the street this spring, I will most likely be wearing a denim shirt or a fitted white shirt with rolled sleeves and a floral skirt. Or it could be a skirt of any happy springy color 🙂 It’s just such an easy combo for me. When I’m wearing something like this I feel very relaxed and put together at the same time.

Also I’m loving tan suede lately. This gorgeous shade complements other colors so well. It looks great with all kinds of blues, purples, nudes and reds. And white! The texture of suede makes white color pop and look even cleaner and brighter.

Asos floral skirt you can find here, also I love thisthisthis and this one a lot.

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