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December 6, 2017

Goodnight, my dear makeup lovers!

Today we are talking about Guerlain Intense Liquid Matte Creamy Velvet Lipcolour. And you know what? Unfortunately, I have almost nothing good to say about this product. As much as I like Guerlain (for example, their Cils d’Enfer So Volume! mascara is my must-have product) I should be honest with you.

In my opinion, all the matte lipsticks can be divided into two groups: first ones dry out completely, they are not sticky, they are usually transfer proof, so you can kiss someone on the cheek and they won’t stain. However, as a downside, they can be a little (or even not a little) drying. I’m talking right now about the lipsticks like BH Liquid lipstick or The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid lipstick or Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick etc. And the representatives of the second group never dry out completely, they stay creamy and obviously stain. But they are also much more comfortable to wear because of their moisturizing properties. These are the lipsticks like Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Liquid Lip Potion lipsticks, Lancome and L’Oreal had similar lipsticks etc.

The problem is that Guerlain Intense Liquid Matte Creamy Velvet Lipcolour doesn’t fit any of these groups. It doesn’t become completely dry but at the same time it doesn’t stay creamy. It feels creamy when you apply it but when it dries out it becomes sticky. So if I press my lips together it feels uncomfortable and sticky. And it is such an unpleasant feeling! It’s driving me nuts!

It is said on the official website that “Guerlain invents Intense liquid Matte: a smoothing matte liquid lipstick that’s easy to apply: creamy like a gloss and pigmented like a lipstick, with a stunning matte finish. A smoothing texture, which gives to the lips a highly pigmented and long lasting plumping look. The formula based on hyaluronic acid and tiger grass ensures a soft and enjoyable sensation. Seven captivating shades have been created for every mood”.

I’m sorry, but I can confirm neither of these statements. As I’ve told before I don’t like the texture, I haven’t noticed that it “ensures a soft and enjoyable sensation“. I’ve noticed unpleasant stickiness and even when it becomes as dry as it can get it still feels a little heavy and uncomfortable.

Now let’s move to the application and color. I have the shade M69 Attractive Plum and the color itself is gorgeous. Sometimes it looks like a rich plum shade and sometimes it gravitates towards burgundy. It is beautiful but not unique. It has micro shimmer but it is barely noticeable.

The lipstick is opaque and the application is pretty easy. But there is one huge BUT: as it settles and becomes matte it gets uneven. And I don’t mean a little, it’s very noticeable. It always looks darker on the edges of your lips, as if you’ve used the lip pencil that is too dark. And it always looks much lighter in the center of your lips. Honestly, I don’t feel this “ombre” effect. It doesn’t look good at all. Also if your lips are not perfectly moisturized it will emphasize all the imperfections you have. Moreover, as the lipstick never dries out completely, when you move your lips you drag the color 🙁 And as the result it starts to look even worse.

I tried to apply it in different ways: on completely dry lips, on the lip balm, with a pencil and without it. Nothing helped. It never looked good enough for me so I could go outside wearing it.

I don’t think that I would try to use it ever again because it’s simply unacceptable for a € 35 lipstick to be that bad. So for me it’s a complete fail and I can’t recommend this product to anyone.

To end this review on a positive note I can suggest you to try Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Liquid Lip Potion lipstick

It’s just so much better. It’s creamy, moisturizing and it’s very comfortable to wear.

The shade 340 Strange Bloom is pretty close to M69 Attractive Plum, but it’s a little bit more red than plum. And the shade 430 True Liar is a deep purple plum. I wear it a lot by itself and sometimes I mix it with Strange Bloom to get a new color option.

I hope this review was helpful, my friends. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask 😉


June 25, 2017

Hello and happy Sunday everyone! Today we are finally talking about Shiseido. I’ve been a fan of this brand for many, many years. I just love their take on beauty, skincare and textures. Some Shiseido skincare products are my holy grails and I can’t even imagine my life without them because I haven’t found a better replacement. Surprisingly their makeup products have never disappointed me either.

A few months ago I purchased some Shiseido skincare and got this discovery kit as a present. Let me just tell you: this is the way to present the new products! A beautiful box, inspiring words – you can feel that someone created this kit for you to enjoy it.

Let’s look closer at the products. I’ve already tried Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate, it’s a good serum but I like Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Complex II so much more. Bio-Performance Lift Dynamic  cream is a good one too, but, to be honest, there are better ones out there. Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation is a great product, I really like it and I think it deserves its own post.

And Rouge Rouge lipstick is absolutely AMAZING! It is described to us as “a rich, creamy and vibrant red that becomes one with your lips thanks to its unique formula that gives an amazing adherence“. This lipstick is available in 16 shades “in an extraordinary spectrum of reds“.

It’s said on the official website that “Using Vibrant Red Color Technology, Shiseido has exclusively developed sixteen of the most flattering shades-nuanced, intense, unforgettable with a red for everyone“. And there is no lies in these words.

I think they did a great job. The colors are truly beautiful and each of them applies evenly. The cool thing is that you can apply it in a thin layer to achieve a natural look and it would be even, smooth and not blotchy at all. Or you can add an extra layer and make it super vibrant. But it will still feel lightweight on your lips. Sounds summer perfect, right? The texture is creamy but it’s not too soft or sticky or greasy. It’s just perfect 🙂 The formula is very hydrating, it makes your lips look smooth and plump.

My absolute favourite shade is Ruby Copper RD501. It’s a bright, medium-dark ruby red with cool undertones. It’s very pigmented, the texture is smooth, creamy and lightweight. It’s moisturizing but it doesn’t feather or bleed. Ruby Copper is a perfect color for any occasion. It looks great with everything from evening dresses to ripped jeans and white t-shirts.

Here it is on me in a natural daylight.

I also like Burning Up RD310 a lot. This one is a chameleon. Sometimes it looks pinky red and sometimes it’s more like a deep peachy pink. And if you apply it in a thin layer it could be a perfect nude. Natural kind of nude, that is not too light.

Here it is in action. Just a tiny little bit, in a very thin layer.

Thank you for your attention, my friends! I hope this review was helpful. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask;)

You can purchase Shiseido Rouge Rouge lipstick here, here or here.


April 2, 2017

Hey, guys! Today we are looking at three different Clarins eye care products. After my latest post about Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex II (if you haven’t seen it you can find it here) you’ve asked me to make a post about more affordable eye care products. And as I really enjoy using Clarins eye care, I think you may like it too. I’ve decided to divide this post into two parts, because otherwise it appears to be humongous. And in the first part we’re talking about Clarins “Special” Eye Contour Balm.

Despite the fact it doesn’t fulfill all the promises listed on and on its box I really like it. It’s a good product but it’s always very disappointing when the treatment doesn’t work as it was promised. I prefer when brands say less and don’t give you false promises. Let’s look at it closer.

“Recommended for dry skin or cold climates”. If you are looking for a rich eye care product that can really protect your skin from cold wind and frost this is not it. The texture of the balm is not rich enough to make it the only product you need during winter. It just doesn’t give you enough of protection and intense hydration. And I don’t have dry skin even.

! On the other hand, if you don’t live in cold climate and you don’t need extreme hydration – this is it. The texture is very nice, it’s not greasy or sticky, the skin absorbs it very well. It gives you great basic hydration.

“This comfortable balm is essential to help fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles”. Let me put it this way: if you need an anti-aging eye treatment that can minimize your wrinkles, this is not it. It just can’t provide strong anti-aging action.

! But if you don’t have any deep wrinkles and your skin isn’t too dry, your eye area will get enough of hydration. And hydrated skin is elastic enough not to form new wrinkles. So it’s more about preventing aging in this case.

 “Suitable for those with sensitive eyes”.  100% true. I would even say it’s perfect for people with sensitive eyes. It’s very soothing and I love its calming action a lot.

Here you can find the list of the ingredients so you could check if there are any of them that don’t work for your skin.

Taking into account everything I’ve said above, let’s summarize what I like about Clarins “Special” Eye Contour Balm:

♥ I love its soothing properties. I have very sensitive eyes and it doesn’t irritate them, it doesn’t cause burning or redness.

♥ It gives me enough of hydration during the day. I’ve been using it for almost half a year as my day eye cream and I’m pretty happy with the results. Nevertheless I should mention that I rarely use it at night, I prefer to use a stronger product as a part of my night time beauty routine.

♥ It’s a perfect makeup base. It’s not greasy, it’s not sticky, it’s not heavy but at the same time it gives me enough of hydration. It’s so easy to apply pretty much any concealer on top of it. A+ for it!

♥ It’s affordable. It retails for €39,94 for 20ml and for example today it’s on sale in Douglas. You can purchase it for €29,96 which is a great price.

Please, don’t forget that you can always ask for a sample to make sure you like it before buying the full size.

This is it, my friends. The first part of Clarins Eye Care products series is over and the second one is coming very soon 🙂


February 17, 2017

Hello, my friends! I want to tell you about my holy grail eye care product Estee Lauder Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex ll. I’ve used 4 jars of this cream up and today I’ve purchased the 5th one. Now you can imagine how much I like it 🙂

Eye care is extremely important to me because I suffer from insomnia from time to time and I need very effective products to help me look like a normal human being. I don’t have deep wrinkles around my eyes, but I have slightly visible smile lines under my eyes. And of course when I don’t get enough of sleep I have dark circles, puffiness and the skin is dry and irritated. Happy to say that I’ve found 2 eye creams that help me fight all these things, the Estee Lauder one and another one from Shiseido. I mean, don’t get me wrong, you can’t eliminate some problems completely but with the right products you can reduce them close to nothing. So let’s have a closer look at Estee Lauder treatment today.

First of all look at this spatula. Finally a brand created an angular spatula for us. Thank you, Estee Lauder! I don’t understand why, WHY Dior, La Prairie etc. provide us with straight spatulas. They are so uncomfortable and often you can’t get the cream out of its tiny jar. This is an example of a good spatula. I love it. It is so smooth and it’s very pleasant to apply the product with it. You can massage your under eye area a little, it feels great.

Ok, we done with the spatula. Now it’s time for my favorite part, let’s check if this treatment fulfills all the promises listed  on .

It’s said that: “Now re-ignite the youthful light of your eyes with our most comprehensive anti-aging eye treatment ever. Proven to reduce the look of every key visible sign of eye aging: fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles, dryness and uneven skintone“.

 I can confirm that it’s true and this product really does all these things.

♥ As I’ve said I don’t have deep wrinkles but it helps me to soften my smile lines, it makes them almost invisible.

♥ It helps to reduce my dark circles, they look pretty decent. Of course they don’t disappear completely but they are definitely less purple.

♥ It helps me with puffiness, especially if I put the spatula into the freezer and then massage my skin with it. It feels heavenly.

♥ And last but not least, it’s a very good moisturizer. I don’t know how to explain it but you can feel that its molecules go deep into your skin and dryness disappears.

This is how Estee Lauder Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex ll looks up close. It has very nice gel texture, but it’s not watery. It’s thicker and it’s more rich than other gel-formula eye products. It firms your skin and makes it look supple.

 Also it is said on the official website that it’s good for all skintypes. Here you can find the list of the ingredients so you could check if there are any of them that don’t work for your skin.

I apply it every night around my eyes. I know that some people are sure that you should apply eye care only on your under eye area but I’m sure you should put some product on your upper lids as well to prevent blepharoptosis. You can totally apply it in the morning too. This product is a good base for your make up because it’s not greasy. I prefer to use another cream in the morning but it’s just my personal preference.

There is only one thing I have to warn you about. This treatment is very active, it gives you quick results, but if you put it too close to your water lines it could burn a little and cause irritation. It’s not a problem at all, just don’t slap it on your eyelids, apply it carefully and you’ll be fine 😉

This is it, my friends. I give it an A.

Please, don’t forget that you can always ask for a sample to make sure you like it before buying the full size.

P.S. With this product you get a sample of Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II. It’s a super cool serum, my another holy grail skincare product. The post about it you can read here.


January 26, 2017

Hello, my friends! Let’s talk skincare today. I’m not a person who starts to think about spring right after Christmas. But it’s almost February and winter is almost over. So, I guess, all of us need some energy to transition into spring. Our skin is not an exception. And I want to share my thoughts on La Prairie Anti-Aging Stress cream.

I’ll be completely honest if I tell you that I have mixed feelings about this product. I’ve used it up and I should say, it’s a very good cream for a certain group of people but it definitely doesn’t fulfill all the promises that are mentioned in the instruction. And I hate when it happens because I think that it’s really important for a product to be as good as it’s promised in the description on it’s packaging. But let’s have a closer look on the benefits that are mentioned in the instruction:

“An Herbal Complex, including the natural Valerian Root extract and other active plant extracts, help to improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and expression lines”. Unfortunately I haven’t noticed strong anti-aging power of this cream. If you have visible wrinkles or deep wrinkles it won’t help you. I have one not deep wrinkle on my forehead and I haven’t noticed any changes. It didn’t get worse though but I didn’t notice any positive changes also.

“Helps support skin’s natural firmness and elasticity, creating a refreshed appearance. Long-term use of the formula helps to renew skin visibly. A natural mushroom complex supports skin’s natural synthesis of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, while also helping to protect skin”. Well, let me put it this way: if your main goal is to buy an anti-aging cream this product is definitely not for you. As I’ve said before it won’t help you with deep wrinkles and it’s not rich enough to really change the texture of your skin. BUT if you only dealing with the first signs of aging this is it. It makes your skin look even, it minimizes pores a little and it gives you a very nice and fresh sensation.

“Improves skin’s hydration,moisture content and cushion”. So not true! I don’t have dry skin, it’s more like combo: sensitive + normal areas. And I didn’t get enough moisture whats or ever. If not for my serum it would be a disaster. So if you have dry or very dry skin this product is definitely not for you. Trust me, you won’t get enough of moisture.

Here it is the list of ingredients so you could check if there are any of them that doesn’t work for your skin.

So, taking into account everything I’ve said above I CAN RECOMMEND this product to you if you:

– have normal to oily skin;

– don’t have any deep wrinkles;

– if you don’t need tons of hydration but you need a nice and soothing make up base. This product really calms your skin. It minimizes your pores a little. It makes your skin very smooth and helps with irritation. It’s perfect for sensitive but not dry skin.

I DON’T RECOMMEND this product to you if you:

– have dry skin. Trust me if your skin is dry and you don’t plan to use any moisturizing serums it will be a disaster;

– have deep wrinkles;

– are looking for a strong anti-aging face cream.

Would I buy it again? I’m not sure. I like its soothing effect a lot, it is so important for people with sensitive skin to feel that your skin is not irritated and your cheeks or other sensitive areas don’t burn. So it’s a big plus. I like its light-weight texture, I like its very light and fresh fragrance but I don’t like the fact that my normal skin doesn’t get enough of hydration. I could buy it again relying on my Estee Lauder serum, but I’m not sure that it will be the best decision.

This is it, my friends. Hope this review wasn’t very disappointing. Please, don’t forget that you can always ask for a sample to try the product and make sure you like it before buying the full size.


November 17, 2016


Hi guys! Holiday season is just around the corner and I have a great affordable makeup product for you. Please, say hi to KIKO Milano Water Eyeshadow 🙂 Frankly speaking, I think you would use them the whole year round. I bought these eyeshadows 2 or 3 months ago when I visited KIKO store for the first time. I swatched many different products but I thought that these little beauties were the best. That’s how I picked 4 shades at ones.

So let’s look at them closer.


From left-to-right and top-to-bottom: 202, 200, 220, 219.

The pattern of the eyeshadow is absolutely beautiful. The official website says: “The exclusive three-dimensional shape, with a special ergonomic design, facilitates product uptake, making it quick and easy“. I’m not sure that their shape makes a huge difference but they definitely look gorgeous.

 I’ve checked out the other characteristics that are mentioned on and I should confirm that this product fulfills all the promises.

The shadows apply really easily and evenly and they are easy to blend out. They are soft to touch, there is no chunky glitter in their structure whatsoever. When used dry the shadows have a soft metallic, kind of wet, finish. And when applied wet the metallic finish intensifies to a bright and shimmery, almost foil look on the eyes. There is one more interesting thing, there is surprisingly no fall out. And as you may know, it’s not always like this with the shimmery eyeshadows.

Usually I apply them on Urban Decay Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion or on Artdeco Eyeshadow Base and they would always stay in place until I remove them.

And the swatches:


Dull and grey daylight, from top-to-bottom: 202, 219, 200, 220.


Warm electric light, from top-to-bottom: 202, 219, 200, 220.


Cold electric light and they look exactly like this in direct sunlight, from top-to-bottom: 202, 219, 200, 220.

202 is a really unique shade, at least I can’t think of any dupes. It’s a taupe shade with purple and golden undertones. It’s a true duo-chrome. Basically you can create the whole eye look using only this eyeshadow. The light hits your eyelids and crease area differently so it would look like if you applied and blended different eyeshadows. And it’s a real time saver if you are in a hurry but have to look great on any event. I prefer to apply this shade with a wet brush because in this case it’s very intense and beautiful.

219 is a perfect peachy-pink shade. It will add some life to your face if you are pale, it looks great if you are tan. With this shade your face looks healthier, like if you’ve just come from the vacation. And it looks so good with denim, just imagine, this peachy notes + blue denim 🙂

200 is a classic bronzy gold eyeshadow. It’s perfect for any season and any occasion. You can build any eye look around this shade. An absolute must have.

220 is a very fresh, kind of innocent pink. It’s very girly and sweet. If you want to create a flirty look, this is it. Also you can use this shade as a highlighter or to top your blush. It blends out so well and you won’t see any texture on your skin, just a beautiful delicate highlight.


Very bright direct light, from top-to-bottom: 202, 219, 200, 220.

Not bad for a drugstore product, right? I love them 🙂 I use them a lot. I think KIKO Water Eyeshadow are definitely worth trying. They are available in 32 shades,  ophthalmologically tested and paraben free.


April 16, 2016


Hello, my friends! Today I would like to tell you about one of my most favorite skincare products. I can’t imagine my life without it. If all my skincare disappeared I would repurchase this one first.

But let’s start from the beginning .

For many years I didn’t use any serums in my routine because I had an absolutely horrific experience with Dior One Essential serum. My sensitive skin was extremely irritated. Also it made me break out almost immediately. It was really-really bad and disappointing. Later I tried Estee Lauder Perfectionist CP+R serum, Shiseido Power Infusing concentrate serum and Dior Capture XP serum. They didn’t work for me either. That’s how I decided that serums are generally not my products and I should avoid them. And yet one day a very persuasive shop-assistant basically made me take a tester and try Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Complex II. Trust me I can’t thank her enough for this.

Ok, let me tell you what is so good about it.

♥ It works really quickly. Personally if I buy expensive skincare I expect to see small changes on the next morning. I believe that if you don’t see any positive dynamic within a week, most likely you won’t see it in future. With this serum your skin starts to change literally after the first application.


♥ It fulfills all the promises that are mentioned in the instruction and on

“Lines and wrinkles look significantly reduced”. True. Usually I don’t frown much but I lift my eyebrows a lot. I had one wrinkle on my forehead since I was 13. It wasn’t that bad but I didn’t like it. So when this serum helped me to eliminate it I was extremely happy. I feel like if you want to start Botox you should try this product, maybe it will help you to avoid injections as long as possible.

“Skin feels smoother, hydrated, stronger”. Also true. Skin feels very hydrated and plump. And extra hydration is always good, especially during cold winter months.

“Skin looks younger, radiant, more even toned”. True. I have a very sensitive skin, tons of factors make it irritated and as the result pink. This complex helps me calm my skin, make it look healthy.

Also I think it minimizes pores a little. And of course I should mention that  it doesn’t have any specific perfumy smell which is good for people who suffer from allergies. Here it is the list of ingredients so you could check if there are any of them that don’t work for your skin.


It doesn’t make me break out. Watery light-weight texture sinks into the skin and make it feel very comfortable. And it has a dropper which is always a plus.


As for me this serum doesn’t have any cons. I love it, it’s a real miracle worker. So if you’re looking for new skin products try this one, I believe you won’t be disappointed.

Please, don’t forget that you can always ask for a sample to make sure you like it before buying the full size.

P.S. With the serum you get a sample of Revitalizing Supreme cream. It’s not bad, with this serum it works pretty good but it’s definitely not the best one out there.

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