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September 30, 2017

Hello, my dear friends! Today I want to tell you about a place that has quickly become one of my favorites in Barcelona – it’s La Colmena. If you like chocolate, cakes and cookies this is definitely a must visit for you. It’s situated right near the Gothic Quarter, so you can grab something sweet and then explore beautiful narrow streets of this part of the city.

You can find all types of cookies and sweets here, whatever your heart desires.

I liked almost everything I tried, but their meringues are out of this world. There is something about them that gets me every time. I love how they look, I love their taste and texture and I love that they bring lots of childhood memories back to me.

My personal favorites are the lemon and chocolate ones, but I should say that strawberry and coffee flavored are pretty good too.

And if you’re not into something very sweet I suggest you to try a chocolate candy called Roca. Cereals, raisins and orange are mixed and covered with a thick layer of dark chocolate. This candy + a cup of good espresso = match made in heaven 🙂

Hope you are having an amazing week, my loves!  See you soon with another colorful post from Barcelona 😉

I’m wearing Boohoo floral skirt, unfortunately it’s out of stock, but you can try this, this, this and this options; pair it with any basic light-weight shirt and you are good to go.


August 23, 2017

From the moment I saw this dress I knew I had to have it. Its unusual shape and soft baby blue color just caught my eye. It consists of two parts: a tight bodycon under dress and a sheer flowy upper part that flies around your body when you move. It’s lightweight, and this shade of blue is perfect for warm summer days. I think, whites and blues have almost a cooling effect when it’s hot. Also, they emphasize your tan. So it’s a win-win situation 🙂

Boohoo Balloon Sleeve dress you can find here

More baby blue dresses you can find here, here, here, here and here.


March 7, 2017

Goodnight, my Loves! I hope your week is going great! You know what? Winter is finally over! It’s getting warmer, days are getting longer and people seem happier 🙂 I can literally feel all this energy with my skin. And I can’t get enough of it. Nature is an endless source of inspiration for me these days. Bright colors of flowers, clear blues of the sky would make any colorholic happy. So it’s not surprising that floral prints are slowly but surely taking over my closet.

If one day you bump into me on the street this spring, I will most likely be wearing a denim shirt or a fitted white shirt with rolled sleeves and a floral skirt. Or it could be a skirt of any happy springy color 🙂 It’s just such an easy combo for me. When I’m wearing something like this I feel very relaxed and put together at the same time.

Also I’m loving tan suede lately. This gorgeous shade complements other colors so well. It looks great with all kinds of blues, purples, nudes and reds. And white! The texture of suede makes white color pop and look even cleaner and brighter.

Asos floral skirt you can find here, also I love thisthisthis and this one a lot.


November 23, 2016


They say that beauty is pain. They say that beautiful shoes are made to be beautiful but not comfortable. They say that it’s normal to freeze for fashion. But it’s NOT. We are not living in Medieval Europe where people poisoned themselves to make their eyes appear brighter and whiter or risked their lives wearing green clothes. We have quite enough of knowledge to make the right choice everyday.


Personally I think that beauty is confidence and happiness. Nothing can be more attractive than open and sincere smile of a happy person. So I usually choose something very comfy to feel good and be as active as I can.


For example during Fall and Winter I really enjoy wearing midi skirts and thick cotton or wool tights. This combo is so warm! You can spend hours outside, enjoy frosty air and trust me you won’t be cold.



If you want to spice up your look a little, emphasize your waist with a belt and pick up any cropped jumper you like. Add a warm scarf and you are good to go.


Oh, and another good thing about the outfits like this one: you can wear it with any shoe style you want. I’m used to high heels so I picked up this pair on ASOS.


They are very black, very soft and really comfy. So if you are looking for perfect heels for Holiday season you can check them out.

Noisy May quilted bomber you can find here and here, crop jumpers you can check here and here, midi skirts here and here, and ASOS Eddie suede pointed lace up boots are here.


November 15, 2016


Hello my friends!

I’m really glad to see you here and I’m even happier to let you know that from now on new posts will appear on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. So please subscribe and don’t miss anything! Winter is coming and big changes are coming with it 😉

Rotterdam is drowning in rains and mists but we won’t let autumn depression to kick in, right? Instead we’ll put on something warm and we’ll go for a walk. I’m loving this velvet jacket lately. Its rich dark brown color with a red undertone screams autumn and makes you think about chocolate cakes, apple pies, mulled wine and other yummy things. Also it’s really warm. So if you are looking for a new jacket you can check out this one.




ASOS Cord Cropped jacket you can find here and here.


August 2, 2016
Sophisticated and Beautiful


I’ve always loved lightweight almost sheer tops. I think they are absolutely perfect for summer. I mean if you choose a white one, you can basically pair it with anything. And when it’s hot comfort is the most important thing. So I’m all about natural fabrics and flowy silhouettes.


Sophisticated and Beautiful

 I’m sure that when it comes to packing smart, especially if you can’t take tons of clothes with you, it’s quit handy to have some versatile items. For example I love to wear this blouse from HM with different skirts, and keep in mind that you can tuck it in or tie it on the waist. Also I wear it with high-waisted shorts and if I choose this option I usually tie it even higher to emphasis my waist. You can always go for a hippie look if you pair this flowy top with flare jeans and add some leather and stone accessories. And last but not least you can use this top as a beach cover-up. Maybe it’s not the most perfect thing for this matter but still it can hide your skin from the sun.

Sophisticated and Beautiful

Here you can find some more options for warm sunny days. Personally I would choose number 1, 6, 8.


1. Here  2. Here  3. Here  4. Here  5. Here  6.Here  7. Here  8. Here

Sophisticated and Beautiful

HM white top you can find here, similar skirts you can find here, here and here, wedges you can find here, here, here and here.


May 16, 2016
Sophisticated and Beautiful

Sophisticated and Beautiful

Good evening, my friends! Hope you’re all enjoying your Monday! As you can see my floral obsession continues but this time I’ve chosen something a little bit brighter. I wasn’t 100% sure about this skirt but when my order came all doubts disappeared. First of all its blue flowers perfectly match my Ted Baker bag. Not in a bad matchy-matchy way, but in the way when all the details compliment each other. Another thing I like about this skirt – you can choose basically any top to wear with it. I prefer to pair it with a lightweight cream top or like in this case with a light-blue denim shirt. This combination is feminine and very comfy, it’s cute and make people smile 🙂

Sophisticated and Beautiful

Sophisticated and Beautiful

Sophisticated and Beautiful

Sophisticated and Beautiful

To answer your questions about the bag I should say that it’s definitely perfect for summer. It looks pretty small but you can put quiet a lot of stuff in it: keys, your phone and wallet, few lipsticks, compact powder, smint, sunglasses and etc. And this color! It goes perfectly with different shades of yellow and brown, also it looks great with any white outfit. If you own any Ted Baker products you can guess that this bag is made very well. I bought my first item from this brand 6 or 7 years ago and it was love at first sight. And how can you not like nice quality and beautiful designs of Ted Baker products?

Sophisticated and Beautiful

H&M denim shirt, you can also look at this, this and this one; Ted Baker leather metal bar miniature tote now is on sale; Mela Loves London mini skirt, I also like thisthisthis, this and this one; New Look leather heeled court shoes.


April 29, 2016


How often do you feel freedom running though your veins? Feel that you are free basically of everything you don’t need in your life anymore? I believe spring is a perfect season to loose your head and just be happy. I was standing under these gorgeous pink trees inhaling intoxicating scent of flowers and thinking how happy I am. Happy to be a tiny part of our incredible world, to feel that there are no boundaries – everything is possible. I hope that you are also feeling this healing and inspiring energy of spring.

So today we are dealing with two slightly different outfits. And I should tell you something: if you don’t own any floral print dress, buy it 🙂 If you choose the right pattern it would be perfect for any season and any occasion. I think that I’ve found mine. It looks good with a skinny belt and a wide one, with all kinds of nude, orange and brown accessories. And I love how it looks with black chunky boots and leather vest, also you can add a hat to this combination. I haven’t worn it like this yet but I definitely will.

First option I chose for the Easter dinner.




And this one for the warmer weather that was a week or something ago here in Rotterdam. Warm but windy though.





Unfortunately this cotton New Look dress is already out of stock but I’ve found several similar options for you: 12, 3, 4; if you don’t like shades of red, check out this, this or this option; Dune Miko sandals you can find here or here; New Look leather heeled court shoes you can find here and New Look waterfall belted coat you can find here; and there is my post about affordable leather belts.


April 19, 2016
Sophisticated and Beautiful

Sophisticated and Beautiful

Hello, my loves! I hope your week is going great! The weather has been amazing lately, and in the spirit of warm and sunny days I decided to go with whites and blues. This pretty Uttam Boutique skirt caught my eye because I happen to love porcelain print a lot. It always looks fresh and clean, and has this almost cooling effect on hot summer days. The fact that this piece is crafted in 100% cotton makes it perfect for warmer days. The skirt is high-waisted, it falls just below the knee and has two cute pockets. But what makes it one of my favorite items right now is the fact that you can style in so many ways. If you want to look less romantic and more edgy just pair it with ripped t-shirt, leather jacket and chunky boots.

Sophisticated and Beautiful

Also I can’t say enough good words about these Dune Miko blush leather sandals. They are so comfy and soft, you can walk hours without any discomfort. And that pale dusty pink color ♥ Perfect with skirts, perfect with jeans, basically perfect with everything. And on sale right now 🙂 So you can have a nice pair of heels for more than a reasonable price.

Sophisticated and Beautiful

Sophisticated and Beautiful

Sophisticated and Beautiful

So happy to feel the sun on my skin, to spend a lot of time outside and enjoy intoxicating scent of flowers.

Sophisticated and Beautiful

Sophisticated and Beautiful

Sophisticated and Beautiful

Sophisticated and Beautiful

Sophisticated and Beautiful

Uttam Boutique Tropical Bird print skirt, you can also check out this Boohoo Giselle porcelain print skirt, and you may like this one or even this one; Dune Miko sandals you can find here or here; crochet neck top here and here.


April 9, 2016


Hey guys! Look what I’ve found 🙂 Couldn’t even imagine that it’s possible to buy 2 wide leather waist belts for less than €30! Festival season is almost here and these two pieces would perfectly match tons of different summer outfits. I’ve tried them with lightweight flowy dresses, crochet hippie style tops and denim shirts and they match literally everything.


Love rich tan color and beautiful detailing.



If you are interested check out these links: Glamorous Leather Tie Waist Belt with Tassels and Pieces Leather Woven Waist Belt

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